August 20, 2018

Georgia Reports Lowest Unemployment Rate In 17 Years

Georgia’s unemployment rate was 4.1% percent last month, the lowest level since 2001. Hall County’s monthly unemployment rate remains the lowest out of all 14 metropolitan statistical areas in the state. In Hall County, we have added 4,000 jobs this calendar year alone, and have more than 100,000 residents of Hall County actively working!

While serving as your State Representative for the last two years, I have championed conservative, pro-business policies. The fruits of those labors are attracting private-sector jobs to Gainesville, Hall County and all of Georgia.

“You’re seeing a lot of local and state government be very thrifty with the dollars that they have,” State Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said.

I will continue to be an advocate for creating jobs across the State, and especially here at home.