October 23, 2018

American Conservative Union Foundation Releases Scores of the Georgia General Assembly

The press release below was distributed across the nation today. I am honored to have scored an 82% rating from ACUF, making me one of the 22 Representatives (out of 180 in the Georgia House of Representatives) to receive the “Award for Conservative Achievement.” I feel that this illustrates my belief in core Republican values and that I stand firmly in support of a conservative approach in all that I do for the good people of Gainesville, Hall County and Georgia.

Alexandria, VA — The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has just released its ratings of the 2018 meeting of the Georgia General Assembly. ACUF’s ratings are an initiative of ACUF’s Center for Legislative Accountability. These ratings are designed to reflect how over 8,000 of the nation’s elected officials view the role of government and illustrate the differences between chambers of the legislature, while revealing lawmakers’ positions on a wide variety of issues that directly affect Georgians.

ACUF reviewed each piece of legislation voted on in the House to produce average scores of the House as well as individual scores for each sitting member.

Georgia legislators voted on key issues during the 2018 session. They voted to enforce federal immigration law, provide tax relief for individuals and businesses, and eliminate unreasonable regulations that stifle economic growth.

“We salute Georgia lawmakers who voted to enforce the law against those who seek to enter our country illegally,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “They also voted to protect free speech on public university campuses. We are proud of their efforts to enact commonsense conservative reforms that strengthen communities and defend important constitutional rights.”

The average score for a member of the Georgia House Representatives was 53%, while just 22 Representatives earned our “Award for Conservative Achievement” for scoring 80 percent or better.

ACUF researched and selected a range of bills before the Georgia General Assembly that determine a member’s adherence to conservative principles. We selected bills that focus on Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of the “three-legged stool”: 1) fiscal and economic: taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare, and property; 2) social and cultural: 2nd amendment, religion, life, welfare, and education; and 3) government integrity: voting, individual liberty, privacy, and transparency. This wide range of issues are designed to give citizens an accurate assessment that conveys which of Georgia’s elected leaders best defend the principles of a free society: Life, Liberty and Property.