February 11, 2019

An update from the Gold Dome – February 8, 2019

This week, the update will highlight HR1, and the Amended FY2019 budget.

Building on the $55 million in commitments to Georgia farmers passed during the 2018 Special Session, the House allocated an additional $10 million in hurricane disaster relief assistance to rebuild our South Georgia agricultural industry.

On Wednesday February 6, the House passed House Resolution 1, which names the new appellate judicial complex the “Nathan Deal Judicial Center.” The reforms championed by Governor Deal saved Georgia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in additional prison spending, significantly reduced the minority prison population, and created innovative solutions to treat nonviolent offenders suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

Bill Number: HR 1
Committee: State Property
Sponsored by: Speaker David Ralston (7th) and Majority Leader Jon Burns (159th)

Summary: House Resolution 1 names the new state appellate judicial complex the “Nathan Deal Judicial Center.” Given the Governor’s focus on criminal justice reform, it is only fitting that the new judicial center bear his name.

Bill Number: HB 30
Committee: Appropriations
Sponsored by: Speaker David Ralston (7th)

AFY 2019 Budget Highlights:

  • $10 million for emergency disaster relief assistance to Georgia farmers in counties impacted by Hurricane Michael. This add builds upon the $55 million appropriated to the Georgia Development Authority to assist farmers during the 2018 Special Session.
  • $69.4 million to provide school security grants of $30,000 each for 2,314 school facilities including charter schools, college and career academies, GNETS facilities, and the three state schools.
  • $8.4 million in additional funding the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities to expand the Georgia Apex Program, which provides support counselors in high schools for students suffering from mental health issues.
  • $1 million for the Department of Community Health to craft state flexibility options for Georgia’s Medicaid Program under the federal waiver program.